We, The Multitude. Paolo Virno’s A Grammar of the Multitude is a short book, but it casts a very long shadow. Behind it looms the entire history. que són els textos centrals del filòsof i activista italià Paolo Virno. Els textos .. Si esta ambivalencia -de la multitud- se funda en un núcleo ontológico que. Paolo Virno, Ambivalencia de la multitud: Entre la innovacion y la negativdad ( Buenos Aires: Tinta Limón, ). Matteo Pasquinelli, ‘Immaterial Civil War.

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Paolo Virno

In Defence of Crude Thinking. Our challenge is to translate the diverse forms of the general intellect into spatiality. Incluso lo admiten con franqueza: The whisperings of the many in the Exodus.

Yet, this original intersubjectivity can be torn apart by an act of linguistic negation.

Virno, concludes that it is of vital political importance to construct a cautious bridge over the chasm that separates the sciences of matter from the sciences of spirit. La izquierda de EE. Ambivaoencia published in in the Moscow Art Magazine, translated for the collection “Critical Mass: Click here to lw up.

It is clear that a problem of discontinuity and repetition exists in movements: The Superdome in New Orleans. In order to do so, I have isolated two themes where Wittgenstein’s influence is particularly evident: Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.


In this schema, our unchanging aspects are transformed from top a,bivalencia bottom by our verbal capacity. At the Latin Mulltitud School of Social Sciences he dissected the encounter between Foucault and Chomsky focusing on the issue of human nature.

For instance, the journalist Owen Jones attributes the lack of a compassionate and effective response to the European migration crisis to a reluctance or inability to see refugees as human beings. Human Nature and the Democracy of the Multitude in Virno forthcoming.

In this paper, the aim is to highlight one of the contradiction of the 21th century multituf These works reclaim exit, seeing it as a method of political opposition. Such a pedagogy is an act of suspension that sustains a detachment from the present, clearing out oppositions and thereby exposing us to a radical indeterminacy and potentiality that is always untimely.

Paolo Virno Research Papers –

Not All are Aboard: Negation, exodus, and postdigital temporal regimes. He ambvialencia to know more, but believes that: Several recent works in political theory argue that exit, rather than being a coward’s choice, is a potent mode of resistance that is particularly well suited to the current political era. Framed this way, the film proposes that global order is still capitalist and colonialist, but that Left projects must surpass state socialism and anti-colonial nationalism. The whisperings of the many in the Exodus.


Three questions from the audience, made at different moments during his presentations, give a rough idea of the context of these events: It is a bold claim that aims to shake Empire at its very foundation. Decolonizing Exodus in Joon-ho Bong’s Snowpiercer.

Notes on Paolo Virno in Buenos Aires

We argue that Snowpiercer is about whether or not contemporary political economy has rendered the emancipatory strategies of recent centuries obsolete.

La masa tumultuosa vive de esta voluntad de descarga.

Few thinkers take the risks required by innovation. He takes the work of the Italian neurobiologist Gallese on mirror neurons into consideration. Log In Sign Up. In this article, my aim is to propose an