instructions. module software by connecting its USB port to that of a computer. The DM6 module comes with 10 Preset Kits ( – .. Connect pads to the kit by inserting the metal rod into the . The DM6 hi-hat pedal (included) can send out four different levels, allowing you. DM6 USB Kit – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 1.

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The Alesis Burst Kit will also suit musicians who need maual drum set to create tracks in their home studio. The pads that come with the Alesis Burst Kit are plastic with a rubber playing surface. The Alesis Burst Kit is a good kit for the money and will last you many years with care and attention. It’s a very good choice for beginners. See any errors on this page?

Thank you so much for your time and it was very helpful for me. By using the tempo setting on the module you can slow down or speed up a track for added variation. Alfsis only thing he complained about is the high hat, crash cymbals and snare drum are to close together. Honestly for a first electric drums set I am very impressed with this set specifically.

Rated 4 out of 5 by alesid from Big Bang in a Small Package After much research we decided to purchase this set of electronic drums for our alesjs. Each drum can be attached to the Alesis rack and positioned where best to suit your playing style.

Alesis DM6 Review – What It Can And Cannot Do For You

Alesis DM6 Kit specs. A kit like this is far cheaper than many acoustic alternatives and comes with the added benefit of being extremely quiet. Well, alwsis fidelity is very good, it really looks like acoustic drums. And you can adjust the volume of the latter via the knob on the module. And they are labelled very clearly.


Once set up, the Alesis DM6 will take up an area of about 5ft by 4ft. I use this kit as a practice set and play along with my ipod.

Alesis DM6 Review – What It Can And Cannot Do For You

I set it up myself with the help of a friend who plays drums himself. Response time is also good, but it’s sometimes annoying to get used to the different sounds the same pad makes according to the strength you hit it. Learn how your comment data is processed.

You can choose to play with or without a metronome click and changing the volume is done by pressing the plus or minus buttons. Im manaul if this drum module would fit the bill?

There are wing nuts under each drum which can be used for tightening the drum into position. The cowbell thing is driving me crazy And can you also tell me how to install other kits on my dm6 Thanks. There is no beater with this pedal and it takes up a great deal less room than a standard bass drum pedal.

I can connect to GarageBand and record it there then take it to ProTools for further detail. Songs are composed in a wide range of styles from funk to pop to rock and jazz.

The Alesis Burst Kit.

The Burst Kit setup includes one snare, three toms, a bass drum, a hi-hat and two other cymbals. The only bad thing is I couldn’t get the bass pad to stay in place when I was playing kept moving forward. This rack is easy to assemble and solidly built. There are no fancy features such as cymbal chokes or three-zoned playing surfaces. You still get an adjustable metronome and 40 playalong songs to jam with but Alesis have left out some of the features that come with the cheaper DM Lite drum module.


I also think it is a little bit hard to customize pads’ positions because of the screws and plastic pieces used to fix them to the racks. I highly appreciate your feedback! Alesis DM6 Kit reviews.

Could you check your headphone jacks please?

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Performance Electronic Drumset DM6 USB KIT

This would’ve received a 5-star rating, unfortunately there was one thing that stood out for me. The kick pad is about 3 inch wide and that will accomodate most double bass pedals. I recently got one and I love it. The cymbals consist of three inch circular pads. I purchases the DM6 set and like it except when I hit the ride it rings like a bell. Actually I only use the Soundbrenner App as a metronome the article talks about their paid wearable too — but the app is free and can be used on its own.

Considering the price, the Alesis DM6 does sound really good. The DM Lite is an extremely lightweight and portable drum set with the same number of kit sounds as the Burst Kit. The snare is a 9-inch rubber pad while the nanual are each 8 inches in diameter.