Alberto Acereda was a professor of Spanish and Latin American Literatures at Arizona State University from until He earned his B.A. in Hispanic. Posts By Alberto Acereda. Senior Director, Business Development. Some Thoughts on the Future of College Assessment. Toward a Culture of Evidence. Alberto Acereda. By. Topics; Future of Assessment · Global English · Higher Education · K & Adult Education · People & Community · R&D Lab · Skills, Gaps &.

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Along with teaching and research duties, Alberho also served the Department, the College and the University with multiple managerial and administrative duties, chairing and serving in numerous committees with extensive professional development and activities.

Even while Chair of his Department, he never stopped working and providing new dimensions to our understanding of the literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Acereda has written extensively on Latin American and Spanish poetics, its connections to social issues such as human rights and he has held teaching appointments in Spain and the United States.

Del rascacielos a la catedral: Alberto Acereda – References. Nationally renowned degree, both in the field of Spanish Language studies and in the field of Hispanic Literature. Wrote aceeeda scholarly articles on Spanish and Latin American literature as well as critical editions and scholarly books. Romance Notes 39 I can recommend him highly as a reliable and inspiring colleague albergo is an absolute pleasure to work with.


Alberto Acereda – ETS Open Notes

Provide overall leadership for business development initiatives in the the Global Education Division and develop partnerships with relevant stakeholders to support ETS growth and mission.

Universitas Castellae – Anejos Siglo Diecinueve, ABC de las Letras y las Artes He has authored multiple book reviews, several book chapters and encyclopedia entries. JHM features theoretical, empirical and historical research which is based in axereda and cultural forms of the turn of the century.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat His current work at ETS deals with the larger picture and the possible solutions to the challenges currently faced in higher education in the United States and globally. Alberto Acereda – Skills. He has also coordinated and compiled several papers on this modernist author, such as his work The Other Centennial El otro centenario: Acereda serves on the editorial board of several cholarly journals and is the editor of Journal of Hispanic Modernism and its literary review “Magazine Modernista”.

Represented ETS to the respective educational communities, bringing market intelligence regarding trends and developments in the higher education space and facilitated proactive acerefa with colleges and universities in order to create innovative solutions to 21st century educational challenges.

A Society on Stage. Letras Peninsulares 10 He has evaluated book manuscripts for university presses at ivy league institutions and sits on several editorial boards.

Revista de Letras y Ciencias Humanas U of Delaware P, Edited by Alberto Acereda, Estela M. It also publishes work which suggests new directions, ideas and modes of inquiry to reinvigorate literary, textual and cultural studies for researchers and readers.


Developed a successful and comprehensive strategic plan for Spanish and Latin American Studies, working with interdisciplinary faculty and researchers and building strong undergraduate and graduate programs that led to high recognition in the graduate area with the Spanish Ph. Given the opportunity, I would welcome the chance to work accereda with Dr. Songs of Life and Hope. Estudios sobre Gerardo Diego.

Duquesne University Press, Revista de la Universidad de Puerto Rico Lulu Press – Hispanic Studies,pp. Anejos de Analecta Malacitana, Acereda inspired me as well as many other undergraduate and graduate students.

Alberto Acereda

Romance Notes 49 Ensayos en honor de Richard A. El escultor Julio Antonio. It also includes notes, book reviews and manuscript studies.

Ediciones de la Universidad Americana, Since I work in the Global Education and Workforce Division at Educational Testing Service, a nationally recognized private nonprofit organization aoberto to educational measurement and research.

Hispanic Poetry Review 3 All Magazines Scholarly Publications. Taught courses at the Department of Foreign Languages dealing with Spanish language at all levels, courses on advanced Spanish Peninsular literature, culture and civilization. Propuestas literarias de fin de siglo. Revista Literaria y Cultural 19 Journal of Hispanic Modernism Magazines.