Find A Textbook Of Electrical Technology by Theraja, B L Theraja and A K at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good. Title, Textbook of Electrical Technology. Author, A. K. Theraja B. L. Theraja. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, S. Chand, Limited, ISBN, : A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Contents 1 Electric Current and Ohms Law 2 DC Network Theorems 3 Work Power and Energy 4.

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If this line is extended back- wards, it would cut the temperature axis at a point where temperature is – The given eectrical is redrawn in Fig. Determine the diameter of the copper wire. This means that IBis 0. Write equilibrium equations for the network in Fig. Electric Current and Ohm’s Law 3 It should be particularly noted that the direction of electronic current is from zinc to copper in the external circuit.

Similarly, whe Rs is considered part Fig. Determine the current x in the technologt resistance of the circuit shown in Fig. Buses and Interfaces 9.

A Textbook Of Electrical Technology

Hence, the c”””nt-source technoloby is: Find the resistancetemperature coefficient ofB. The given circuit has been redrawn in Fig. Electronic Circuits, AUahabad Univ. Determine current in 5-Q resistor by anyone method.

A cylindrical wire, 1m in length, has a resis- tance of Q. Electric Circuits, Allahabad Univ. The resistanceof the wire usedfor telephone is 35 Q per kilometre when the weight of the wire is 5 kg per kilometre.

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By applying nodal method of network analysis, find current in the 15 0 resistor of the network shown inFig. Current I through 9. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Suppose, we want to convert the voltage source of Fig. If two such thrraja are connected in parallel, find the resistance which must be connected in series with the arrangement to keep the current the same as before.

The potential drop across 5 Q resistor can be found with the help of voltage-divider rule. Showing all editions for ‘A textbook of electrical technology. Many more questions are addressed in this book.

Assumed current directions are as shown in Fig. This equals the voltage drop across 10 Q resistor between points C and D.

Textbook of Electrical Technology – A. K. Theraja B. L. Theraja – Google Books

It should be noted that unlike independent source, a dependent source connot be set to zero i. Give the magnitude and polarity of the following voltages in the circuit of Fig. They have low failure rates when properly used. However, if we go in a direction opposite to that of the current, then there is a rise in voltage. On the other hand curved cornices and hut-shaped roofs of buildings etc.

All resistances are in series. In practice, it is approached by a source which posses very high resistance as compared to that of the external load resistance. Such methods are usually restricted to fairly simple circuits and include Kirchhoff slaws, Loop analysis, Nodal analysis, superposition theorem, Compensation theorem and Reciprocity theo- rem etc.

When the 10 Q resistance is removed, the circuit becomes as shown in Fig. Similarly, voltage across any conductor is the algebraic sum of the voltages which each e. Compute the values of battery cwrent I and voltage drop across 6 ill resistorof Fig. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Calculate the effective resistance of the following combination of resistances and the voltage drop across each resistance when a P. In time dt, distance travelled would be v x dt.


Two resistors of 0 and 0 are connected in series across a 4-V cell of negligible internal resistance. Independent and Dependent Sources Those voltage or current sources, which do not depend on any other quantity in the circuit, are called independent sources.

The field winding of d. Various indigenous and extraneous elements of Sultanate Architecture of Bengal have been discussed in this book. The two 4 a resistors are in series and are thus equivalent to an 8 a resistance.

Most Excellent Book Of 8. It is almost equal to the temperature-coefficient of resistance al. With the help of nodal analysis, find VI and V2 and various branch currents in the network of Fig. Refine Your Search Year. Temporarily remove the resistance called load resistance RJ whose current is required.

As explained earlier, an ideal constant-voltage sources has zero internal resistances whereas a constant-current source has an infinite internal resistance.