FR – MA RESEARCH PAPER DIRECTED STUDY. Minimum Credits: 3. Maximum Credits: 3. MA students write a research paper ( words). EN – Introduction to Literary Studies (3) F, SP. An introduction to the discipline of English as a profession, focusing on the historical development of English. CSCI – Programming in FORTRAN East Carolina University. Powered by the Acalog™ Academic Catalog Management System™ (ACMS™). Mobile Site.

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LAW – Legal History This course explores the evolution of Anglo-American legal institutions and the way changes in legal institutions and doctrines have affected social and political life.

Completed successfully 12 hours of doctoral dissertation study, plus an optional 3 hours of independent study in preparation for oral qualifying exams. Program Requirements General Requirements In order to graduate, you will need to have: A minimum of 18 credit hours 6 courses are required for the diploma.

GER 150 – German Civilization and Culture Credits: 3

The Diploma is directed at providing the student with multi-disciplinary background in areas such as innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainable technologies, social and environmental policy. Balance Module- M2 0 Credit Hours Students might be asked to take one or more courses from a list of courses approved by the GREN advisory committee and selected with their advisor to upgrade their knowledge and qualify them for this program.

Students might be asked to take one or more courses from a qcms of courses approved by the GREN advisory committee and selected with their advisor to upgrade their knowledge and qualify them for this program. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the course work combines a conceptual review of the relationships between business, industry, environment, policy and society, with a much more applied examination of the wide range of initiatives that relate to environmental management and sustainable economic development.

Demonstrated competency in the two required research tools for this program: Received unanimous agreement by the dissertation committee that you have met all the requirements for achieving the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Top students will have the experience of directing a nationally significant project before they leave WMU. Graduating students will receive their degree from one of the participating colleges.


The program director and acmd coordinators may prescribe a program of noncredit work to make up for the deficiency. View Courses by Course Title.

Skip to main content. Graduate Diploma in Aacms Development The Diploma in Sustainable Development considers the concept of sustainable development as an economic growth opportunity.

A major focus of the interdisciplinary program will be to develop thought leaders in evaluation, individuals with deep knowledge of evaluation theory, methodology, and practice, with superior skills in practical and critical thinking, and a knack for seeing opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Students familiarize themselves with original source materials and also with multidisciplinary and acmw approaches taken by professional and legal historians. The course work must include: Students should take three courses from three of the four sustainable development sub-modules at least one of them from the Green Technologies Module M3-A.

Portuguese Minor

Back to Top Print-Friendly Page. Students might be asked to take additional noncredit avms from the balance module to qualify them for this program. Green Technologies Module 29033 Hani Sewilam Steering Committee: The Diploma is designed for candidates who desire to make a contribution to the emerging field of sustainable development.

The Diploma in Sustainable Development considers the concept of sustainable development as an economic growth opportunity. This requirement will usually be fulfilled as part of the practical experience; however, other options are possible in exceptional cases. The graduates of the Diploma in Sustainable Development will Have the multi-disciplinary knowledge of green innovation and the key aspects and dimensions of sustainable development Foster a strong culture of green entrepreneurship and business development in Egypt and the region Engage in advanced green industry careers Excel in an interdisciplinary environment both as individuals and within a team Seize and develop commercial opportunities in the fast-advancing green technologies field locally and globally.

Specific colleges may have additional requirements.


Program: The Degree of MSc (Paediatrics) [Graduate] – University of Alberta – Acalog ACMS™

The minimum required competencies in evaluation and brief explanations are listed below. A minimum GPA of 3.

Completed at least 90 hours of course work beyond the baccalaureate, with a GPA of 3. The subjects axms chronological focus of the course depend upon the interests of the instructor and may include historical treatment of the writ system; the development of bench, bar and jury; colonial law; law of the Constitutional period; Antebellum perspectives about the relation of law to economic development; judicial involvement in the slavery controversy; family law; criminal law; the development of contract and tort law; 19th- and 20th-century jurisprudential perspectives, including legal formalism, legal realism, legal process and legal positivism; and aspects of the involvement of courts in civil liberties disputes.

Evaluation-Specific Logic and Methodology definition of relevant values, needs assessment, generation of comprehensive criterion checklists, checklist methodology, setting standards, use of evaluative rubrics, synthesis of findings on multiple criteria, ranking vs.

General Requirements In order to graduate, you amcs need to have: Admission is also subject to the general university requirements for graduate study, including English language proficiency.

NURS – Medical Terminology – Acalog ACMS™

View Courses by Course Number. Sustainable Development Graduate Diploma Director: Sustainable Communities Module M3-D: This typically involves taking a series of increasingly challenging roles on Evaluation Center projects as the student progresses through his or her degree.

The course also considers the uses of legal history for the modern lawyer. Sustainable Cities Module M3-C: Students will fulfill this requirement by completing an entire evaluation of a program, policy, system, organization, intervention, or project according to specifications agreed to with their advisory acjs.