Kali Sulph, the biochemic remedy acts on the skin protecting it from blemishes and rashes. This is one of the biochemic remedies from the twelve tissue salts that. Biochemic system deals with these inorganic salts. They in essence There are 12 tissue salts and each has its own properties. Usually more. Schuessler’s Tissue Salts (also known as biochemic or cell salts) are potentised micro-doses of the 12 essential minerals your body needs to.

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Chilliness, hot flushes, and shifting pains in the limbs. They are also all present in tap water. Then I checked out the website.

Gentle Absorbed rapidly Natural Pleasant tasting Lactose free Convenient to carry Non-toxic and non-addictive Safe to sqlts with prescription medicines Suitable for broad, general health complaints unlike standard homeopathy that requires more precise symptom matching. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Unsurprisingly, there is no evidence whatsoever that these remedies work. For ordering information, Click Here.

Schuessler Salts: “Any expenditure on the purchase of these salts will be money wasted”

This seemingly simple system of biochenic has great practical application in health. I found the below quote on a website and wondered if there might be any truth?

Warmth; warm, humid weather. Combination S For symptoms associated with: Schuessler believed that these imbalances could be corrected by easily absorbed and homeopathically-prepared, micro-doses of each salt.

Schuessler’s Tissue Salts – A Medicine Chest for the Whole Family

Rheumatism, joint stiffness, oedema. Fighting toxic copper with bioavailable copper is exactly the right method! Mojo biochrmic Saturday 15 December at This page is not in any way offered as prescription, diagnosis nor treatment for any disease, illness, infirmity or physical condition. Poor digestion and assimilation of food, especially following surgery. Aids the absorbtion of iron.


Deficient enamel of the teeth. Imbalance or deficiency in the inorganic salts lead to a cascade of pathological processes that lead to symptoms. This eminently practical work concentrated on just 12 simple mineral combinations, or salts, which he believed to be crucial to the health of the body. Sodium sulphate — Nat sulph Biliousness, liver upsets and fluid retention, constipation, leg ulcers Component of: In a nut shell, the tissue salt act on the physiological level.

This applies to the UK, but similar rules may well apply to other EU countries as well. Potassium sulphate — Kali sulph Dry scaly skin, dandruff, skin eruptionsinflammations with yellow discharges, shifting pains Component of: Backache, haemorrhoids piles Contains: What a biochemic practitioner would do is to look at the patient holistically and treat him accordingly without compartmentalizing all patients into one group if they suffer from a particular disease.

Spots, pimples, skin disorders and slow healing wounds.

Comments, references or links posted by others on this page may not reflect the opinion of Homeopathy Plus and so should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by Homeopathy Plus. Constipation, diarrhoea, leg ulcers, rheumatism.

Poor calcification of bones or healing of fractures. Efficient use of Schuessler’s biochemistry requires three things: Specifically, his is what they say: Combination B For symptoms associated with: The reason that schuessler whittled all the medicines down to these 12 was because when a human body war burned, what remained were these 12 inorganic mineral salts.


Many people take dietary iron supplements, but few would chew on a rusty nail for an iron source. Biochemic Therapeutics is based on the philosophy that the structure and vitality of the organs of the body are dependent upon certain necessary quantities and functioning of its organic and inorganic constituents.

Try cell salt nr.

Sodium chloride — Nat mur Excessive dryness or oedema of tissues, runny nose, loss of smell or tastesadness Component of: Constantine Hering of Philadelphia, author of Hering’s Law of Cure “Cure occurs from the head down, from within out, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms first appeared. Acne with greasy skin. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Cold air; noise; glare. What is the Biochemic System: The same is true with the Schuessler minerals: Thunderstorms; mental or physical exertion; fats. Digestive disorders such as bloating, flatulence, colic, indigestion.

Biochemic Remedy/ Tissue Salts/ Schussler’s Salts – Center for Holistic Medicine

Of course, a lot of people who prefer conventional medicine look down on these little white oils with scorn, wondering what on earth they could do to cure. Edzard on Glimmers of hope and progress in Les Salfs on Glimmers of hope and progress in Edzard on Glimmers of hope and progress in When I started this blog, I promised to discuss all major alternative modalities.

More informations about the use of the cell salts: Further information about the purpose of our material may be read in our disclaimer.